Creating Quotes


Once you've created a Calculator, you can create a quote.

User Permissions

Any user can create a quote.


  1. Click on a Calculator you've created on the home screen.
  2. Click the carat on the first drop down to begin entering information. Typically, dimensions are the first thing you enter.
  3. After you've added your dimensions, you can click the other carats on the left to select the items you've added in the calculator creation process.
  4. After you've added all the required items, the price will show, any additional add-ons will increase the price accordingly.
  1. After you've created the quote item, click Add to Quote. You will be returned to the Home Screen to add any additional products.
  2. Once you've added any additional products, click the Cart button in the upper right-hand corner of the Home screen, or click Quotes to review and send the quote.
  3. On the Quote Overview page, fill in the following:
  4. Quote Name
  5. Customer (either by creating a New Customer, or searching for a current customer)
  1. After filling in the Quote Name and Customer, you can either save it or email it to the customer.

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