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Olleh is pronounced Ollie.

We knew the pronunciation would be a problem, but what better way to revive the old calculator's classic past. Olleh. Hello backwards, what you would type in as a 5th grader in the old class calculator to show to your friends you are cool.


To create cost effective applications that enable established contractors and suppliers to embrace technology without a steep learning curve.


We started Olleh originally trying to solve a complex problem: provide window glass installers easy-to-create quotes. Sounds like a pretty easy problem to solve, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of quoting tools out there.
We designed Olleh to solve some problems we saw:

Measurement-based quotes. Sure, you can get a piece of paper and pen and figure it out and add it to the quote, but that's a lot of work. We wanted to design Olleh to help calculate measurements first, including cost per square inch, and addons based on certain product dimensions.

Contractors' suppliers. All contractors whether glass installers or painters have suppliers. The suppliers sometimes provide their contractors with what we call a "book of pricing" that the contractor has to work with to price their own products. Olleh works with a supplier's book of pricing by using the calculator builder to add your supplier's book of pricing plus add your own markup whether by dollar amount or percent to any of the supplier's individual products.

Simplicity. When designing Olleh, we used a couple other systems, and they tended to support all types of product types possible, which made them way to complex. Olleh is only trying to solve for most of the product types possible, that way you can spend more time on the complex problems. Even so, Olleh is a capable tool that will help you get creating quotes quicker and easier than ever.

After we understood the problem and decided on a design direction we wanted to go, we spent the next 3 years developing Olleh. We worked through different calculation scenarios to create a flexible calculator with multiple types of calculation options that could benefit any type of contractor business. As we continue to expand on Olleh's current feature set, we are excited about the future of this service and how it can help improve the productivity of suppliers and contractors.

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