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Calculators that have never been so easy to use

Calculate quotes based on your pricing
Easily use your product pricing and markup to calculate how much you should charge.
Categories for everything you offer
Add everything you offer into flexible categories to create your pricing.
Quotes sent right to your customers
Send a quote to your customer as soon as you're done talking with them.
Manage your customer information
Manage your customers contact information so you can contact them when you're ready to install.

Save time quoting for jobs

View and edit your quotes in one place so you know where to start.

Confidently know your price and markup on each product

Knowing how much you charge is easy. Knowing how much you make is hard. Confidently set your prices and markup for each type of product.
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Show your professionalism

Show you care by giving your customers professional looking quotes.
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Features you get with Olleh

Sync across all devices
Stay synced with live sync across all your devices
Connect with your shop
Start building before your estimator returns
Manage your customers
Easily add and link customers to the quotes you generate
Secure data
All data is sent and received using secure protocols
Consistent quotes
Consistently give quotes to your customers based on your pricing
Email your quotes
Email the quote to your customer before your estimator leaves

Our pricing on Release

Unlimited Calculators
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Quotes
Two Free Additional Users

Add-On Items

$10/Additional User over 3 users
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We are focusing on users in glass installation, carpet installation, general contractors, screen installation, and painters.

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