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Digitize your complex book of pricing

Calculate estimates based on your pricing
Easily use your customizations to calculate how much you should charge.
Customizations for everything you offer
Convert your bill of materials, or your cost book into customizations with pricing to reduce your time creating estimates.
Estimates sent right to your customers
Send a quote to your customer as soon as you're done talking with them.
Manage your customer information
Manage your customers contact information so you can contact them when you're ready to install.
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Save time creating estimates

Create estimates as soon as you start measuring without paper or page flipping.

Confidently know your price on each product

Confidently set your price for each product, even down to estimates with square foot and add-ons.
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Show your professionalism

Show you care by giving your customers professional looking quotes.
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Features you get with Olleh

Sync across all devices
Stay synced with live sync across all your devices
Connect with your shop
Start building before your estimator returns
Manage your customers
Easily add and link customers to the quotes you generate
Secure data
All data is sent and received using secure protocols
Consistent quotes
Consistently give estimates to your customers based on your pricing
Email your quotes
Email the estimate to your customer before your estimator leaves

Built for business

Built for many businesses including:
- Glass Installers
- Glass Manufacturers
- Painters
- Carpet Installers
- Roofers
- Tile Installers
- General Contractors