Creating a Calculator


Once you've created a Customization, you can create a Calculator. A Calculator is used to create a Quote.

User Permissions

You will need to be an Admin to add or change Calculators.


  1. To create a Calculator, Click the New Calculator button on the Home screen.
  1. Type your Calculator Name & select a color. You can change this later if you want.
  1. On the Calculator Screen, you can add the Customizations you created. Click Add Customization. If you haven't added Customizations, click here to learn more about adding Customizations.
  1. After you have selected your Customizations, click Add.
  2. Each multi-select Customization type can have additional items added to them. To learn more about Customization types, click here. If your Customization type was created with sub-categories, they can be selected here to add. Single-select & multi-select are the only two types that can have additional selections added to them.
  3. After you have created your calculator, you can either Add Pricing, Save for Later, or Publish the Calculator.
  4. You can also sort your Customizations based on how you use them in the calculator. Click the Sort icon at the top of the Customization list and drag the items in any order.

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